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Két talpas szán
Két talpas szán Két talpas szán alsó része

Sled - 2 Skids

Sales price 89.500 Ft
  • can be pulled, pushed in several positions
  • quick change of direction: the vertical rods can be moved at one sweep
  • can be used on any terrain (asphalt, beton, grass, gym)
  • with extremely wear resistant industrial plastic at the bottom for longer life and in order to protect the surface
  • with laser cutted logo
  • heavy-duty
  • powder coated surface
  • ideal for crossfit and functional training

Contact Us

  • info@aw-sport.com
  • +36-1-258-5816
  • +36-20-988-5549
  • Hungary, 1173 Budapest, Összekötő utca 14.
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